We dug up more about Roomba maker iRobot’s first autonomous lawnmower

In January, Roomba maker iRobot announced its next autonomous chore-doing robot: a lawnmower called Terra. Autonomous lawnmowers aren’t exactly new, but Terra is different. Unlike most robot lawnmowers, it uses wireless beacons to understand what your yard looks like rather than relying on a long, cumbersome wire that’s around the edges of your lawn. Last we […]

High-Tech Desks for Your Home Office

The work day never stops in our 24-hour world and for those who want to build a palace of productivity in their own home, the proper desk can go a long way to creating an efficient—and, dare we say, enjoyable—home office environment. Below is the latest in desk technology. The workstation to end all workstations, […]

Parrot’s newest drone comes with smartphone-powered FPV goggles

Parrot’s latest iteration on its flagship Anafi drone is all about immersion. The new Anafi FPV (for first person view) is being sold as a package with a headset that puts pilots in their drone’s perspective. But instead of a dedicated screen inside the goggles, Parrot’s approach is to have users slot a smartphone in, […]

New 3D interconnection technology for future wearable bioelectronics

Scientists developed stretchable metal composites and 3D printed them on soft substrates at room temperature It seems the days are gone when just tossing a smart watch on your wrist makes you look cool. The wearable biotech industry has recently revealed its insatiable hunger for futuristic items. Pain relief goggles that monitor brain waves, vital […]

Laser printing tech produces waterproof e-textiles in minutes

The next generation of waterproof smart fabrics will be laser printed and made in minutes. That’s the future imagined by the researchers behind new e-textile technology. Scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a cost-efficient and scaleable method for rapidly fabricating textiles that are embedded with energy storage devices. In just three minutes, […]